News from the Board of Foundation: January 2020


The Board of Foundation met in January 2020 and agreed:

  1. To update the Mission and Aim of the Foundation in the light of four years’ experience. The updated document is available in the ‘About Us’ section of the website
  2. To award a ‘FEN: SNIBE Support a Professional’ scholarship to Dr Thyrza Darmadi from Indonesia
  3. To advertise for four further scholarships under the ‘Support a Professional’ programme. This advert will be the subject of a separate news update
  4. To agree the content of the Annual Report for 2019. This document may be found in the ‘Publications’ section of this website
  5. To re-appoint to the Foundation Board Graham Beastall (UK); Lucia Monaco (IT); Tomris Ozben (TR) and Michelle Rossier (CH)