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2020 NEWS


13 January 2020


News from the Board of Foundation: January 2020

The Board of Foundation met in January 2020 and agreed:
1.  To update the Mission and Aim of the Foundation in the light of four years’ experience. The updated document is available in the ‘About Us’ section of the website
2.  To award a ‘FEN: SNIBE Support a Professional’ scholarship to Dr Thyrza Darmadi from Indonesia
3.  To advertise for four further scholarships under the ‘Support a Professional’ programme. This advert will be the subject of a separate news update
4.  To agree the content of the Annual Report for 2019. This document may be found in the ‘Publications’ section of this website
5.  To re-appoint to the Foundation Board Graham Beastall (UK); Lucia Monaco (IT); Tomris Ozben (TR) and Michelle Rossier (CH).



2019 NEWS


02 December 2019

FEN-SNIBE ‘Support a Professional Programme’: Trainee Report

The FEN-SNIBE ‘Support a Professional Programme’ enabled Dr Sibtain Ahmed from Pakistan to spend three months in the laboratory of Prof Tomris Ozben in Antalya, Turkey. During this visit Dr Ahmed experienced specialist technologies and participated in the quality management system. You can read Dr Ahmed’s report here.

The FEN-SNIBE ‘Support a Professional Programme’ enables young professionals who have completed specialist training in laboratory medicine and experienced at least two years working in a service laboratory to visit a high-quality clinical laboratory in another country for 2-3 months training in laboratory management and service delivery.


30 April 2019

Annual Report for 2018

The FEN Annual Report for 2018  may be accessed here


05 April 2019

Proficiency of Malaria Microscopy and Laboratory Capacity in Ethiopia

The FEN supported a project conducted by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) to examine the status of microscopy in the areas of Ethiopia stratified for malaria elimination.

Principal Investigator Desalegn Nega (MSc) and his colleagues have published a technical report on the project entitled: ‘Comprehensive External Assessment of Proficiency of Malaria Microscopists and Laboratory Capacity in Districts Stratified for Malaria Elimination in Ethiopia.’ The report identifies low competency among malaria microscopists, particularly in species identification, and poor to moderate capacity of laboratories to undertake malaria microscopy. The report concludes that these laboratory issues present an obstacle to the elimination of malaria and it recommends investment into the training of microscopists and into laboratory capacity. A copy of the report is available in the ‘Projects’ section of this website

The FEN is delighted to have been able to support this important project, which illustrates the importance of high-quality laboratory medicine services in major public health programmes.


07 March 2019

FEN-SNIBE ‘Support a Professional’ Programme Partnership

The FEN is delighted to announce a new partnership with SNIBE Diagnostics that will enable two scholarships to be awarded under the ‘Support a Professional’ programme. The scholarships will support two young professionals who have completed specialist training in laboratory medicine and experienced at least two years working in a service laboratory to visit a high-quality clinical laboratory in another country for 2-3 months training in laboratory management and service delivery. One scholarship recipient will come from Pakistan and the other will come from Indonesia. The FEN is working closely with the Pakistan Society of Chemical Pathologists and the Indonesian Association for Clinical Chemistry to promote the scholarship opportunities.


2018 NEWS



‘Adopt a Professional’ Report: Dr. José Guillermo Pereira Brunelli

Dr Brunelli from Paraguay completed a a two-month internship at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in the city of Rome, Italy, under the supervision of Professor Sergio Bernardini.  He learned diagnostic techniques in Molecular Microbiology, spending one month in the Molecular Virology Laboratory and the other month in the Molecular Bacteriology Laboratory, where they also make mycological diagnosis.  Dr Brunelli’s report is available here.

The ‘Adopt a Professional’ programme is a collaboration between the FEN and the Societá Italiana di Biochimica Clinica e Biologia Molecolare Clinica (SIBioC).



Annual Report for 2017

The FEN Annual Report for 2017 has been approved. It may be accessed here. The report includes details of:
• Governance
• Achievements
• Completed projects
• Ongoing projects
• Finances



2017 NEWS



AACC Workshop for Newborn Screening in Colombia




October 2017 Board meeting

A summary of the Board meeting may be found HERE




The latest FEN Newsletter is available HERE



Two New Projects Supported

At its July 2017 the FEN Board was delighted to confirm funding for two more projects




‘Lab Surfing’ Project Report

The ‘Lab Surfing’ project has presented its final report, which may be found in full in the Projects section of this website.




‘Adopt a Professional’ scholarships awarded

The FEN Board is delighted to announce the award of two scholarships to enable trainees from emerging nations to receive three months advanced training in scientific and quality management practice in laboratory medicine:
  •   Ms Lumbani Phiri from Zambia will train in the laboratory of Prof Marcello Ciaccio in Palermo, Sicily
  •   Mr José Pereira Brunelli from Paraguay will train in Rome in the laboratories of Prof Sergio Bernardini and Dr Letizia Angiolella


FEN Newsletter June 2017




Call for project applications

Applications for project support are invited. The closing date for applications is 31st March 2017.  Details of the application process are available from the ‘Apply for a Grant’ section of this website.




The latest FEN Newsletter is available here



Annual Report

The first Annual Report of the FEN has been approved and is available here





Meeting of Board of Directors

The FEN Board met on 1 February to review projects, to approve the annual report and to agree the content of the latest Newsletter.




2016 NEWS



This first Newsletter describes the three projects for FEN support at its June 2016 meeting. Two of these projects are grants for specific projects whilst the third is a positive collaboration with a national society of laboratory medicine. Support for further projects will rely on the level of donations received by the FEN and/or collaborations with partner organisations.



The FEN Board met (by Skype) on 23 June.



29 -04-16

The FEN Board met on 27 April to review progress.




First call for applications for a project grant

The FEN Board is pleased to announce the first call for applications for project grant funding. The closing date for the receipt of applications is 31 May 2016.




Reaction to Launch of FEN

The FEN was launched at the IFCC General Conference in Madrid over the weekend 19-21 March. The meeting was well attended and included representatives from 71 different nations. There was a positive reaction to the launch of FEN, both from potential sponsors and from the representatives of emerging nations.