FEN Board Meeting - April 27, 2016

29 -04-16

The FEN Board met on 27 April to review progress. The following items were noted:

  • Formal legal registration of FEN
  • The establishment of an operational FEN bank account
  • The launch of the FEN at the IFCC General Conference
  • The call for project applications with a closing date of 31 May 2016
  • Preliminary interest from three emerging nations

The FEN Board then took two important decisions:

  • To tidy up the FEN website and to add further images
  • Approval of the FEN Fundraising Strategy, opening the way for a fundraising campaign

Finally, The FEN Board discussed an interesting proposal for a joint project involving laboratory medicine trainees from emerging nations receiving training and mentorship from a major European country. The Board agreed to develop this proposal further, noting that it had the potential for expansion to other partner nations.